Acid Pony Club/The Horses/Disques Poney

Acid Pony Club is a DJ and electronic live crew residing in Shanghai, The Horses is the production/mixing and Mastering team behind it, Disques Poney is our label and the name of our studio and Death To Ponies is our Drone/metal band. We like, make, produce, mix and master all sorts of music - Contact : studioponey[at]

OTS: Nahash, Noise Arcade, Charm, thruoutin

I’m fairly sure i said it before, but i had an awesome time playing in Beijing last time i was up there. And apparently i wasn’t the only one to feel the vibe that night. The guy at LiveBeijingMusic could feel it too, and here’s not only a nice little review, but also a live video of what happened when Michael from Cloud Choir/Noise Arcade/Low Bow stepped in to play the drums to my nauseous and evil drone/bass stuff. The main idea visually for the Nahash sets is no light and all video, which gives great textures and a perfect sense of darkness. Oh Beijing!

Together with Tina Sprinkles we travelled around Australia and Thailand last winter and came back with quite a bit of material that we recorded and shot on locations.

one of the absolute highlight was Melbourne, not only for its millions of record stores, our amazing hosts and the sheer quality of life, but this moment we witnessed when a million bats all wake up and start to fly into the night. This little piece is an interpretation of what we saw. hope you likey.

La Musique et la Transe, mais surtout la transe.



urgh, they even had wood-fired pizza…that is what i call a perfect event



urgh, they even had wood-fired pizza…that is what i call a perfect event

(via dronemuzak)

A vision of purple and gold 
has saturated my eyes 
i’ve foreseen the future 
and forgotten he past 

A Vision of things that won’t last 
has darkened the white in my eyes 
i’ve seen your destiny 
i’ve seen your culture die 

a moment of bliss emerged 
in purple and gold 
when nothing mattered 
when i was soft as a snake 

A vision of purple and gold 
i’ve seen you die 
i’ve seen you resurrect 

A vision of purple and gold 
looking in the eyes of the divine snake

2 nights of gigging in Beijing - Nahash+Noise Arcade at XP on thursday, Acid Pony Club Live at Dada on Friday - lots of gear, even more fun!